Occasion: 50th birthday
The most amazing 50th-birthday-cake Cake original design by: Charis Summers

This cake was made for me by my daughter, isn’t it amazing?

This cake is not easy to make, you have to be very patient and need to practice your sculpturing fingers. Give yourself plenty of time, maybe the entire day!

NB. There's no recipe for this post but there are references to videos to show you how to make certain components of the cake.

For the base, you can use any type of sponge cake, yellow cake or white cake recipe.

The lovely icing that covers the whole of the cake is made with ruffled effect fondant.
Watch on Youtube – How to make the ombre colored fondant by Cake Trend

The flower decorations can be made with homemade modelling chocolate.

Kb-youtubeWatch on Youtube how to make modelling chocolate

This cake takes inspiration from a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers – a combination of lillies, roses, yellow daisies and a burst of tiny purple flowers. For an extra nice finishing touch, the cake is laced with glazed cherries and fresh raspberries.

Birthday Flowers

50th birthday cake


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