perfect individual portions

raspberry custard pudding

I lied about how easy this recipe is. Pastry making is an adventure. You need tools and skills, maps and a compass. You’d also need a good vacuum cleaner at the end of the day! But you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of making the dough yourself. If you’re like me,  you can always cheat: just buy ready to fill pastry cups or shells by Pillsbury or Pepperidge Farm. If you live in England, frozen ready rolled shortcrust pastry from Tesco or Sainsbury will do nicely!


Make the pastry baskets

1. Roll out the pastry into 1/16 in thick.

2. Cut out short lengths of 3 inches long and 1/4 inch width strips.

3. Weave the strips into roughly a square shape and trim the edges off as show below.

4. You might not get so many segments in as the diagram shows but that’s ok. Just get the right amount that suits you.

weave thin strips of pastry into a square

Diagram 1: weave thin strips of pastry



Prepare the muffin tin with parchment paper

1. Referring to the diagram below, use a muffin tin.

2. Cut out strips of parchment paper and place them across the holes.

3. Cut out circles of parchment paper to put on top of the strips.

4. This method (created by Charis) enables the lifting of the baskets out of the muffin tins easily when they are baked.


Diagram B: Prepare the muffin tin with parchment paper

Bake the baskets

1. Now, carefully lift up the squares of pastry and gently place them into the muffin tin.

2. Press the pastry gently into the muffin cups.

3. Then follow the instructions on the pastry packet to bake the little baskets.

4. When the baking is completed, gently lift the corners of the strips of paper to lift up the pastry cases and place them on a plate ready for the next step.

Fill the basket with custard cream

1. For the custard cream filling, buy the custard powder from the supermarket or even make it yourself with recipes from the internet.

2. And after the baskets are baked and cooled down, just pour in the custard cream and then decorate with raspberries, chocolate sticks and icing sugar.

3. For a special touch, sprinkle fine icing sugar dust all over the plate with a sieve. This dessert is definitely ideal for a small dinner party.