Mix and match


fresh-mintPineapple, peach and mintpeach-pineapple-smoothie-glass

There are two types of peaches – “Freestone” and “Clingstone”. Freestone peaches have flesh that slips easily away from the pit. Clingstones are just the opposite of freestone and are quite a pain because the fruit tenaciously clings to the stone or pit. To tell when a peach is ready to be picked is a skill of sight, smell and touch. A good tip that you can count on is to carefully study the cleft of the fruit where the branch ends, if it doesn’t have any shade of green left on the skin then it’s an indication it’s ready for picking. And we picked quite a lot of peaches I had to make smoothies. They ripen very quickly.


100 grams Fresh pineapple
75 ml Pear or apple juice/concentrate – no added sugar
2 to 3 Mint leaves
1 Peach
3 to 4 dates

1. Prepare the pineapple and cut into small chunks.

2. Wash the mint leaves.

3. Put all the ingredients together to fill half the mixer.

4. Pour apple or pear juice all the way up to the maximum line of the mixer.

5. Blend everything until smooth.

6. Serve immediately with some ice cubes.