An apple pie kit

How to send a homemade apple pie in the mail - college kids

Have you ever thought of making a pie kit and sending it in the mail? We tried it and it worked very well! We made an apple pie when the apples were still abundant and mailed it to our college kids a thousand miles away. Everything arrived in one piece as expected. Not only was it great fun packaging the ingredients, we also told our kids they were getting a pie in the mail. However, what they were not anticipating was getting just the ingredients and they had to get their hands dirty to make the pies themselves which added twice the fun!


Sending your apple pie kit in the mail

Find a good jam jar.
Make apple filling and put in jam jar.
Measure out the right ingredients for the pastry and send it in a ziploc bag as a dry mix.
Remember to print the instructions for making the pie. Use the mail box from the post office for the packaging.


First of all, obtain really good jam jars with seals to put the cooked apple filling in.
We recommend Ball Jar Mouth Pint Jars with Lids and Bands.

Ball jars are robust and high quality. You can obtain these jars from your local supermarket or you can shop at Amazon and get them delivered to your house.

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Take a look at the Amazon reviews from customers about the product. They provide some very useful tips how to use the jars.
Make sure you wash and rinse the jars thoroughly.

Put them in a dishwasher or you can hand wash them with plenty of washing up liquid and warm water. I gave them a final rinse with hot boiling water before using but take great caution not to scald yourself.



Print out the instructions for making the pastry and the apple pie, so that they can use them with the kit.

Cook the apple filling using your favorite apple pie recipe. To enable your jar to seal properly, you must pour your hot apple filling ingredients immediately after cooking.

Be very careful as sugar burns hotter. Kids should avoid this. We used a long handled ladle to pour the hot apple filling into the jar. As the jar opening is small, to avoid having to hold the jar with your bare hands, you can stand the jar in a small cooking pot so it doesn’t matter if some jam spills over the side.

Close the lid of the jar and do not open it after that. Once the jar has popped, it is sealed tightly

Let the apple filling cool overnight. Then, before packing, make sure to wrap it in a bubble wrap for protecting the jar.



Prepare the dry ingredients – the pastry mix. Measure the amount that would make for 1 pie and do not include the butter. Put the flour mix in a ziploc bag. You can then label it.



Avoid sending perishables over the weekend because your mail can get stuck in the mailroom not going anywhere.

Prepare your ingredients on a Sunday and have them shipped on a Monday.It took 3 days for our delivery to travel 1,000 miles.

Here’s a picture of the pie that our college kids made using the homemade apple pie kit that we prepared.

apple pie kit