Caution: spicy!
Easy hot chilli chicken wings baked in the ovenSpicy chilli chicken wings baked in the oven


frank's hot sauce If you want to turn up the heat, why not try this oven baked hot chilli chicken wings using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce?

I remember twenty years ago when I lived in England, chicken wings were considered scraps and I could buy a packet for just 99p (about US $1.50) to feed a family of five. Perhaps it isn’t the case now but chilli chicken wings are ubiqutous here in America. They call them buffalo wings – a puzzling fact!

The best wings to buy are the winglets because they are neat and easy to cook. This is a no-brainer recipe, you really don’t have to do much except throw the meat in the oven. The trick is to bake the chicken nice and slowly so that the skin dries out and gets really crispy and the inside becomes tender and remains moist. If you cook it too fast, the chicken will develop a chewy texture rather like your tennis shoe. Barbecuing wings in the summer makes quite a treat as long as it’s not a hundred degrees outside.

This recipe is actually comes from a family friend. But instead of it being a dipping sauce we used it as a glaze. Get ready for the fire extinguisher!

(I know you can put a ton more ingredients but the idea of this recipe is to keep it simple)
2 packets chicken wings or winglets
1/2 bottle (6 Fluid Ounces) Red Hot Wings Frank’s Sauce

3 tablespoons butter, salted (naughty but it adds to the taste!)
2 tbsp cooking oil

1. Spread the wings on a baking tray.

2. Lightly brush the wings with some cooking oil.

3. Put it in a preheated oven and cook slowly for an 3/4 hours at 350°F (no salt or flavouring required).

4. Meantime, prepare the hot sauce.

5. Pour half a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce into a sauce pan, put the butter in and warm up gently.

6. When the wings are nice and crispy, remove from oven and pour the sauce over.

7. Put back in the oven and gently cook for another 10 minutes.

8. Hot chilli wings can be dipped in ranch sauce (how Americans like it) or like my case, I dip them in more red sauce left in the pan.

9. Make sure you have plenty of tissues to mop away the brow of sweat.